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The Dark Side of Article Marketing: Where’s the Beef!

03 August on Blog   Tags: , , ,

Wheres the Beef! image courtesy of Wendy's

Article Marketing, in it’s pure form,  is an absolutely valid technique for link building. I even think there’s a lot of merit to link baiting. But apparently, I’m Suzy Cream Cheese, because to me – if you’re writing content – you’re researching that topic from several perspectives. You’re teaching me, or enlightening me in some way. In fact, if you’re giving me the 10 best ways to slice bread, you’ve read about it, tested it, maybe even interviewed a few experts about it. Not so with Mr. SEO. His claim to fame is that he can get you or your client on the first page, in the top key positions on your keyword SERPs… in a matter of days.

The interesting thing is – he’s not kidding, it’s not false advertising — it’s a proven link building technique. Mr. SEO can deliver on his promise to me. So – how can I claim he’s evil.

Here’s how – His team would purposely “write” generic content that would neither instruct not enlighten. I think what they actually do is stitch together snippets of random online content, and create a page of related copy . They now have an “article” peppered with your keywords. Grammar, authenticity, accuracy – all of these are non-issues. And because they’ve replicated it into several variations – he has a cluster of “articles” that are submitted to online content warehouses….. over 500+ of them.

Voila! In a matter of days, you or your clients now appear sky high in those keyword searches. I’m not ok with this. According to Mr. SEO, those pages of content are intended for the machines ONLY – no one is really going to read them.

What? I can’t subscribe to that behavior.

P.S. - “Where’s the beef!”
In the days following this discovery, I’ve found myself prey to some of these baited pages. Typically the headline snares you in with the promise of real content, I’ve found the “content” to be contradictory to itself, and each one closes with a quick summary that (yup, here it is) links you to the website that “sponsored” the “article”. It’s very disheartening – now we have to weed through even more junk to get to the real meat ‘n potatoes of the web.

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